Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Weekend

I've been getting requests from viewers for prints of my art, larger than the 8x10 prints on my Etsy site. I now have a new resource for larger prints. . . up to 30 inches!
You can get prints, framed/matted prints, prints on stretched canvas, or notecards at my site at Fine Art America. Click the link below to be taken directly there, and check out the new art I put in the site this weekend:

Sell Art Online

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Red Agave"
Acrylic on Canvas board
6" x 4"

I am in love with the Agave. There are so many varieties of Agave, and this one, with the yellow bands along the edges, is particularly interesting. The heat of the day makes the color shimmer and sizzle, and this is one of a series I am doing exploring my feelings about this hardy plant in the harsh desert environment.

Blue Agave

"Blue Agave"
36 x 36

This was a commissioned painting I completed, and is the largest of my agave paintings to date. This was done in alkyd oils, and painted around the sides, thus removing the need to frame it.

This is available now as a print, a matted/framed print, print on stretched canvas, or notecards. Please click the link below:
Sell Art Online

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Micro view

5 x 7

Quick oil sketch done on a small drive out in the desert. The sun was drying my alkyd paints even while I worked on this, but it pushed me to work faster and capture my first impressions.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Shimmering Heat"
Oil on gessoed Watercolor Paper
5" x 5"

This is one of my smaller paintings, done in the studio from color sketches on site. It is part of a series I am working on, exploring the visual effects of the heat and intense sunlight, and of rich glowing afternoons and sunsets in the desert.

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I am a desert girl. . . . I live in the desert of the Southwestern USA, Arizona to be exact. I paint the rocks and desert vegetation and cacti in this arid region. I did not always like or appreciate the unique landscape of this region, but over the years I have come to love it. What was at first a drab, dry, brown and tan stretch of hostile "landscape" gradually became a place of amazing contrasts. . . . .rocks that glow subtly - or at other times, wildly, with color. Astoundingly hardy plantlife and cactus varieties that manage to thrive and bloom in glorious color in the spring. Erosional changes that reveal even more beauty as patterns shift and change, creating magic with the effects of sunlight and shade. . . . . . . . and out of all the succulents in the desert, the Agave has become my personal favorite. It has many varieties, and grows in fantastical shapes and gestures, each rich with possibilities for capturing in paint on paper or canvas. Thus, this blog is dedicated to my Agave art, and what I'd like to show you about this beautiful and sensuous native of our desert.